e the energy intake of ▓children, whi

ch will stimulate the kids'▓ appetite," he said.According to a 201▓5 survey published by t

Collect from /

t of Chinese children. And age i▓s to play a role, an ID for children can be promoted in the same way as China's seni

ayed teet▓h," Ma said.The

or citizen ▓ID card model. The move may increase social security costs, but is more con

ducive to protecting the legitimate rights of children," said Chen.P

lease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on Wechat4 children among 7

fourth National Oral Heal

killed in Australi▓an mass shooting4 children among 7 killed in Australian mas▓s shooti

ng4 children among 7 killed in Australian m▓ass shooting05-11-2018 17:0

9 BJTSYDNEY, May▓ 11 -- Seven people, including four children, have ▓been shot dead in the early hours of ▓Friday

th Survey in 2015 showed

morning, near the Margaret River area, some 270 km south of Perth in Western Australia.

Western Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said officers we

re called to a property in a small ▓town called Osmington at 05:15 (AWST), were they made the gruesome discovery.

that 5-year-old Chinese c

"The loss o▓f any life is tragic, four children and three adults, this is a significant

tragedy," he said."It appears t▓hat gunshot wounds are there but I don

't wa▓nt to go further than that as two firearms have been located at the scene."At this stage, no further detail

hildren had a 7▓0.9 perce

s about the identity of the victims have ▓been released, however police did confirm the

y a▓re not looking for a suspect.Detectives from the State's Homicide

Squad and Forensic C▓rime Scene Unit believe the tragic incident is likely to be a murder-suicide, making it t▓

nt chance of tooth decay,

he worst mass shooting in Australia si▓nce 1996, when a gunman killed 35 in the Port Arth

ur Massacre.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease

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    09, Liu's daughter, then 8 ▓years old, received a trans

ased discounts for chi

n 6 to 18
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